About Suki Marketing

The face behind the name

Welcome to Suki Marketing

Hi there, I’m Suzie – or Suki.

I’m a content marketer and social media guru that teaches business owners how to be visible online through the power of content and social media.

I’ll help you truly discover why customers should buy from you.

Let’s get you standing out from the rest.

Suzie Suki Marketing

I work directly

When you start a project with me, you’ll only work with me. Unlike agencies, I prefer to work one-on-one to achieve maximum results.

I work damn hard

When you work with me, you’ll work with someone you can trust. I put in a lot of hours, so when I say “I’m on it!” I really am.

I'll only do it if I can do it well

My portfolio is full of some wonderful things. Some of which, isn’t necessarily my niche.

However, since I have a knowledge (to an extent) of print and design, if I can do it well, I’ll help. If not, I work with a number of creatives who can.

I keep it simple

I won’t talk in marketing jargon, I’m straight to the point with what I’m going to do, how I’m going to do it and what we will achieve.

You won’t be left confused when you work with me – From our initial chat through to proposal, planning and execution.

Your Dream. My Mission.

I believe in having goals and working hard to excel them

I don’t believe in half-assed effort. If I take on a project, I give it my all.

Meet My Clients

We collaborate

Working alongside my clients and their busy schedules,
I offer a marketing shoulder to lean on – Taking the stress out of your content marketing.

Do you want to grow your business?

Well, then we better get started