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Engaging your audience in a noisy social world

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creating content that resonates

If you create content for everyone, you’re creating content for no one. If you don’t know who you’re targeting with your content, you might as well not create any at all.

Blogs, blogs, blogs

Writing blog content for your business is a great way to showcase what you believe in. It also gives you lots of juicy content to repurpose for your social media platforms.

keyword research Suki Marketing

keyword research

While blog content engages your audience, it's important to understand the relationship between content and SEO. Keyword research is the starting point for increasing your traffic.

content research Suki Marketing

Content research

Looking to write your own blog content? It can be tricky knowing what to write about and what topics to focus on. Content research = content plans with purpose.

content audit

Are you looking to improve your current content? A content audit can help to pick up on areas that'll improve your blog's content and therefore, traffic.

Rise to the top

Build a community

Build a community around your brand and keep them engaged.

Grow your business

build your online biz

If you’re not online, you’re not visible to your target audience. Let’s change that.

always improving

Best Practices

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to your marketing strategy. 


Got a question?

I've got the answers

I love to work one-to-one with my clients. If possible, we’ll chat a project over with a cup of coffee (and maybe cake). But remotely works great for me too.

I always suggest that unless you can dedicate the time to content creation, scheduling and engagement, don’t spread yourself too thin. Do one or two well rather than be ‘sort of’ active on five.

Of course it can. But good content takes an understanding of your audience, your goals, keywords and solid research. That’s where I like to come in.

I won’t work on a project unless I think I can help grow it in some way. I don’t believe in using bots/black-hat tools to increase social media accounts, instead I prefer organic growth through hard work.

I don’t have a single ‘flat fee’ for my services because they can differ so greatly. Instead, I can create a marketing package that suits your needs. Then, if you need a little extra guidance, I charge by the hour.

I can tailor my marketing packages to suit your business. If you’re looking for full social media management and monthly blogs, I’ve got you. 

Success rate can totally depend on what you consider a success. Together we can discuss your goals and a timeline that works for you and your business. For some it’s followers, for others it’s leads.

Working with Suki Marketing is headache-free

But don't just take my word for it