In eCommerce? It's time to bloom  or bust.

Tired of waiting for your marketing to stop lying around and actually do something useful?
We can help. We give your marketing an electric shock to the nipples* to get it going.
*If you’re into that sort of thing.

enough of that.

Does your marketing feel like you’re forever sat in a meeting that could have been an email? We’re not a fan of that, either.

It’s boring, you’d rather be elsewhere and you got out of bed, for that.

Unlike other eCommerce marketing agencies, we don’t bore you with jargon, ram our proposals with filler or find excuses to “jump on a call” together.

We're geeks, and we like it.

We may be a little nerdy, but that’s what you need in a marketing team. We’re a hyper-focused, detail-orientated team of creatives that never miss a beat.

From creating free downloads for your customers, to sending emails that your subscribers love, we’re always at the top of our game.

Say hello to our team, and see what we’re all about.


Here to make your life easier.

Everything we do is totally bespoke to your brand, values and mission. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf templates or strategies you could have Googled yourself (heck, no).

Working with an eCommerce marketing agency shouldn’t feel like another thing you have to juggle while running your business. Think of us as an extension to your brand, on the same mission, every step of the way.

Let’s face it, running an eCommerce business isn’t always easy, but with a new approach to your online presence, consider those marketing nipples – zapped.

How we help.

From setting up campaigns, to testing automations, our email marketing services turn your customers into life-long fans.

Become the go-to online source for your industry, via content marketing that turns readers into customers time and time again.

Show up when your customers need you most, and stay on top of an ever-changing, growing and competitively fierce digital landscape.

We know how to make your brand stand out and create a tone of voice that people remember. From product copy to landing pages, we’re on it.

If your shop window sucks, it’s impossible to make sales. We design and build websites that convert, selling more products than ever.

Build brand awareness, show off what you do best and build a community on the most popular social media platforms.


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who we are.

Suzie Suki Marketing

Suzie Kidger-Clarke

Suzie is our Founder & Creative Specialist, she spends most of her time geeking out over SEO and drinking far too much coffee. She’s usually heard laughing a mile away and trying to convince anyone and everyone to buy a Rocket book.

Egle Suki Marketing Content Marketing agency

Egle Petkeviciute

Suki Marketing’s go-to Social Media Specialist, Egle is a sucker for all things creative. She enjoys using a variety of mediums to communicate people’s and brands’ stories in an authentic way.

Saloni Chamberlain

Creative to her very core, Saloni knows her way around content, copy and plenty in between. She’s a Suki Content Specialist who loves making and creating over at ACL, swapping cat photos with Suzie and drinking coffee.

Dan Suki Marketing ecommerce marketing agency

Dan Hackett

Quick-witted and super-creative, Dan is one of our Content Specialists. On weekends you’ll find him sitting in cafes, gulping down lattes and desperately trying to come up with an ending to the novel he’s working on.

don't be shy. . .