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I think we have both thought about this question from different sides. Do you really need to invest in good web design? Does it have any effect on the success of your online business? Is the price I am charging you value for money?
Even if you’ve no idea how to set up Google My Business, you’ll definitely know what it is. When you type the name of a specific product or service into Google, you’ll usually find that above the regular websites listed, there’s a map with several business and their contact details listed under it.
Most of us will be familiar by now with Google’s autocomplete suggestions: it’s the little box that drops down when you begin typing a word or phrase into the search bar. The autosuggest feature is designed to save us time when we’re searching online, as well as helping us navigate easier when searching on mobile.
Don’t change your prices. Change your audience. Here’s how to market your prices. We have all been frustrated by a lead asking for a lower price. The difference between those who agree and those who don’t isn’t skill or knowledge. It’s confidence.
If you’ve ever dipped a toe into the ocean that is search engine optimisation, you’ll likely have heard of H tags—they’re pretty commonly spoken about in nerdy SEO circles. However, you may not be fully clued up on A) what H tags actually are, and B) how to use H tags to make your content rank better than ever on Google.
Any online business needs a landing page to be successful. This is the first view people get of who you are, and it plays an important part of how customers are attracted to you and how easily they see what you offer
Whether you’re looking to build a profile as an influencer, a charity or a business, diving into social media can be pretty intimidating. One thing’s for sure, social media doesn’t stand still, so you’ve got commit to keeping up with your profiles.