6 Secrets to successful landing pages.

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Any online business needs a landing page to be successful. This is the first view people get of who you are, and it plays an important part of how customers are attracted to you and how easily they see what you offer. A blog or social media content plan isn’t enough to convert leads on their own. 

The content you provide will encourage people to visit your website, but your landing page will convert them to customers. As you begin 2021, you need to use one of the strongest marketing tools in your favour – you need to build a landing page.

Ask yourself what your customer will ask

When your perfect customer finds your landing page, it must answer the questions they will be asking at the point of considering a purchase. So, consider these:

  1. How will I find you? You must understand how your perfect customer shops online. Do they trust paid advertisements? Or do they put their faith in Google search results?
  2. What is the smallest amount of information I need? Don’t bore them, but give them enough information to convert. People will glide over big blocks of text, but if they don’t have all the facts, they likely won’t contact you to ask more. 
  3. How easy is it to use your landing page? Is the contact form a pop-up? Do you have links above the key information that take the visitor away from the landing page’s purpose?

Set clear goals

Your landing page should exist to achieve one main goal only. It should not serve to answer a variety of questions or offer a number of solutions – that is for your main website. 

It should be clear to me what I am being offered, when I visit your landing page. It should also match the benefit you sold to me through your advert or organic search result. 

If I feel like your landing page achieves neither, then I’ll leave your website and Google will know.

Use clear language

If the objective of your landing page is to sell one specific product or service, then ensure your headline is rich in keywords that make it clear what you are offering and what the benefit is. 

Features never sell anything. 

Similarly, don’t entice traffic away from your landing page. Have everything they need on that one page, and remove any link that allows that visitor a way off your page. Sure, when they’ve completed your form, take them to your website or place of interest. 

Until they convert, however, keep them focused using keywords and benefit rich language. Deliver value in a clear, concise way. People will get confused, if you let them. A “call to action” isn’t being forceful. If you don’t tell someone to do X, then they won’t. They’ll do Y instead.

Deliver clear value

Modern marketing is built on creating a genuine relationship with your visitors. The best way to do this, in a marketing funnel, is to litter that funnel with genuine value that your visitor can use to make actionable change in their life or business, or take advantage of a discount or special offer. 

Ultimately, you will be asking people for their personal information. It’s as good as a currency, these days. Would you tell someone in the street your name for free? How about if you could receive a £10 voucher for your shopping today?

Create a valuable offering for people to take advantage of from your landing page, and your success rates will soar.

Deliver a good user experience

A landing page should always be optimised. It will have less bulk than your main website, so it should load fast. The information should be laid out in a clean manner, and the keywords and benefits should be easily digested. Make your headlines and call to action stand out so they catch my eye. 

If your product or service doesn’t offer a free trial, then promote your newsletter or social media content. The more you can provide free value, the more conversions you will have. 

As I said, marketing is about building a relationship. We are not big enough to sell off impulse alone. People will want to hear from us a number of times before the decide to finally trust us. 

Value is the ultimate currency of trust.

Make your landing page count

You want to make sure that every link to your business leads to your landing page – that includes social media, business cards, word of mouth referrals. That way, you can measure how many people find you and then how many people buy from you. 

If you lose most of your potential customers at the point of visiting your landing page, then you know it’s not working for you. Now, you can refer back to this blog and remind yourself what a customer will want from your landing page.

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