Stop using Linktree to direct traffic on Instagram.

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Whether you run a personal brand or business Instagram, you’re going to be more than familiar with the ability to only use one link in your bio. When you have several directions to send your customers and clients, it’s easy to find a link tool to help. 

But is Linktree all its cracked up to be?

Sure, there are other link tools available too. But we advise against using them. But why?

Should you use Linktree or

Often, the “which link tool should I use for Instagram” argument is between Linktree and It’s understandable why many Instagram users think these are the only options.

Although there are pros and cons to both link tools, it also comes down to personal preference.

First thing’s first, Linktree is one of the first link tools to be created. So it has to be great, right? Especially since The Guardian Gary Vee and Selena Gomez use it… Plus, with paid and free options available, how serious you take your branding comes into play.

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If you’re wondering what the difference between the paid and free version is, it comes down to customisation.

Here’s a breakdown.


  • Connect Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels (paid)
  • Amazon Influencer Program integration (free)
  • Temporarily send visitors to one link with “Leap Links” (paid)
  • Highlight your most important links with subtle animations that are attention-grabbing (paid)
  • Simple, intuitive interface


  • No Shopify integration
  • Doesn’t link directly to Instagram posts (like
  • Limited customization options with the free version
  • Basic analytics on free plan
  • Not a branded link (e.g.

If you’re a fan of, the chances are, you’ve already heard of Seeing as the latter is a part of Later, it makes managing your content and your links pretty easy. works by displaying your links similarly to your Instagram grid, so you can send users to links associated with your posts. Sounds pretty cool, right? And it can be.

This allows you to create a clickable, optimised landing page – making it easy for users to find the exact link they’re seeking.

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When it comes down to costs, Lite is available for free, but if you’re managing multiple accounts, the pricing can quickly rise. Their pro plan gives you even more possibilities – including extra analytics capabilities, the full suite of scheduling and more.


  • View analytics for the last 3 months
  • Add a dedicated link to a url with a customizable CTA
  • Google Analytics integration
  • UTM tracking in Google Analytics 
  • All of Later’s other scheduling capabilities
  • Add multiple links per post (paid)
  • Shopify integration (paid)


  • No real chance to add additional branding
  • Can’t change the order of posts 
  • Can’t customize the blocks of links

So, what’s the drawback? While these tools make creating links easy, you’re sending your traffic elsewhere first. All while adding in an extra unnecessary step. vs Linktree vs other link in bio tools

Sure, we’re just scratching the surface when we talk about link in bio tools – specifically whether you should opt for or Linktree. But! There are actually plenty more to discover. It just so happens that Linktree has grown more popular in recent months, especially for brands trying to send traffic in multiple directions.

But what other link in bio tools are there? Surely it’s not just between Linktree and Nope, it’s not.

Since you only have room for one link, you’ve got to make it worthwhile. There are a bunch of others worth mentioning, such as Feedlink.

Feedlink by EmbedSocial works as a landing page that assembles a clickable Instagram feed in one place. This is a great option for those selling products, such as clothing. It may not be quite as productive for a few other businesses, mind… But it is totally free, using photos from one source. However, pricing plans can range from between $19 and $99 monthly, depending on the number of sources and additional features.

But what about Shorby as a link in bio tool for Instagram? Move aside, Linktree, as Shorby allows you to add multiple links as well as customise your page by adding videos, background, animated avatars and icons. However, there’s only a 5-day trial on offer. Then pricing starts at $9 per month, all the way up to $99 (pricey!), depending on the features you’re after.

Let’s face it, we could be here all day offering new link in bio tools for your Instagram account! But here are a few others we can think of…

  • Sked Link
  • Link in Profile
  • Milkshake App
  • Campsite

But, there is another way to create the perfect link in bio for Instagram…

Creating your own links page

build your own links page not link tree

Before you opt for or Linktree on Instagram, consider creating a landing page on your website.

Although and Linktree both have their perks, your own links page has extra flexibility. Plus, by directing traffic from Instagram to a tailored links page, you’ll have more opportunities to keep the user on your website.

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As with any links page, there are pros and cons. So let’s take a look at the benefits first.


  • Driving traffic to your own domain and the ability to track those clicks
  • Full control over the layout
  • Total control over branding – No need to pay for tools that require editing
  • More opportunities – Send users to any part of your website
  • Keep your links page as minimalist or creative as you wish


  • Editing/building a landing page may require professional help if you didn’t build your site yourself
  • May be slower to popular with new links
  • To get started, you’ll need your own website in the first place

Looking to move away from Linktree?

We think we’ve made our case here! While Linktree is an easy option for directing traffic from your Instagram account, why not capture those clicks on your own website?

Design the page as you please, track links and don’t pay to brand a page ever again. And if you need a little help getting started, get in touch with Suki Marketing for some creative assistance (with a coffee, of course).

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