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Email newsletter creation is often one of the last things business owners think about. Whether you’re a start-up or you’ve got 10+ years behind you, when your resources are limited, it’s easy to forget about email newsletters.

However, despite what you may first believe, not every email newsletter you send needs to be packed with sales goals and promotions. We much prefer to use email marketing as a way to reach potential customers and build relationships. Yep, we’re all about maximising the tool that is email newsletter creation as a means to speak directly to a certain person.

But before you consider adding email marketing into your marketing recipe for success, let’s take a closer look at what email marketing really is.

What is email marketing, really?

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Most commonly used to promote products or services, email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to develop relations with current customers, as well as reach out to new ones. As well as keeping your customers informed about what’s happening behind the brand, email marketing can also help support campaigns and brand awareness in a very cost-effective and conversion-rich manner.

That’s right, despite technology’s constant changes, email marketing stats show just how valuable email marketing really is. In 2019 alone, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received daily. Think about it. Every time you make a purchase online, it’s likely you’ll need an account (which involves your email address), or you’ll check out as a guest (still using your email address). This is all a part of the customer journey.

From the moment you decide to shop online, as a customer, you’ll start to gain an impression of a brand. Was it easy to checkout? Find certain products? Add a discount code, even? And yet, your experience with the brand doesn’t end there, because they continue to remain current through email marketing, such as:

  • Order confirmation emails
  • Dispatch updates
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Follow-up discounts and offers
  • Recommendations…

You name it, there’s an email for it.

While some users can get incredibly frustrated at being inundated with email marketing, if you get it right, you could have earned yourself a lifelong customer.

Email newsletter creation: Cost effective and worthwhile

The return on investment for email marketing is absolutely huge – which is why crafting a well-thought-out email marketing strategy will make you money. So, naturally, it comes as no surprise that email marketing is one of the hot favourites of digital marketers across the world.

Plus, why let your hard-earned content go to waste? After all, newsletters aren’t just for company news, but instead, consider them a place to connect with your current customers (and potential ones) by using emails as a method to distribute your content.

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With plenty of opportunities for evergreen content, you can always plan your email newsletter creation weeks (if not months) in advance. All you need is content that never goes out of date.

How email marketing can help grow your business

With so much talk about social media, likes, shares and tweets, how do emails slot into your marketing strategy? Well, despite the rise in social media platforms, email marketing still remains pretty damn valuable for any size business. When it comes to customers’ acquisition and retention, email marketing is where you need to be.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that social platforms don’t have their part to play in your business (because they certainly do), but if you’re looking for direct impact and reach, nothing stacks up against email marketing.

The power of ‘welcome’ emails

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As we touched upon earlier, a customer’s experience with your brand means everything. From the moment they sign up to hear from you, now is your time to shine. With open rates being one of the best ways to tell how well your email strategy is working, you’re likely to hit a high when it comes to welcome emails.

Sure, some users may unsubscribe after hearing from you (although this is typically quite a small number in the grand scheme of things), take advantage of the high open rate of welcome emails to slip in some important info to your new customer.

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Stats aside, welcome emails are an awesome opportunity to thank a customer for signing up/purchasing/working with you. So don’t be afraid to show some personality and make them feel, well, welcome.

Should you start sending email newsletters?

Well, of course, you should. But it’s important to not focus all of your efforts on pushing promotions. Take advantage of cost effective email marketing to build a relationship with your audience, by sharing insights, offering value and being human. When you set about writing your email newsletters, think as though you’re speaking to one person, and write for them.

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