How to improve your eCommerce website conversion rate in 10 steps

While phrases like ‘eCommerce conversion rate optimisation’ do admittedly sound like something a surgeon might call out while operating on an android, you don’t have to feel intimidated. All we’re really talking about is how to increase the amount of sales you get on your online shop.

How to save images from a Google Docs document.

Ah, Google Docs. Millions of us use it daily, keeping files organised and sharing content between teams (and clients). The only issue is, when someone shares a Google Doc with you, saving right from the editor can be a total pain.

How to market your prices.

Don’t change your prices. Change your audience. Here’s how to market your prices.

We have all been frustrated by a lead asking for a lower price. The difference between those who agree and those who don’t isn’t skill or knowledge. It’s confidence.