6 reasons why your bounce rate is so high.

Your ecommerce bounce rate is a vital statistic. The ecommerce platform can be an effective way of marketing your business and increasing sales, but there is one big problem.

Why you should avoid DIY Website Builders.

The best website builder is one that fits your budget and ticks off your objectives for online marketing and discovery. However, investing in a DIY website builder can lead to you making some common website mistakes or giving up altogether

Does good web design matter?

I think we have both thought about this question from different sides. Do you really need to invest in good web design? Does it have any effect on the success of your online business? Is the price I am charging you value for money?

6 Secrets to successful landing pages.

Any online business needs a landing page to be successful. This is the first view people get of who you are, and it plays an important part of how customers are attracted to you and how easily they see what you offer