Guiller Repairs, Sales and Services

Guiller is an upcoming, trusted brand around the West Coast of Scotland. Its presence exists on Facebook, but they required a website to enable them to gain TrustPilot reviews and further their brand awareness through organic search.

The brief required redesigning their current brand to meet a professional standard and build an e-commerce website, as well as branding in line with their new logo design.

We created a user-friendly, responsive design that would enable Guiller Repairs, Sales and services to keep their website up to date with ease, while allowing customers to confidently browse their products and services on any device.


Guiller Repairs, Sales and Services


Web Design + Branding

Guiller Web Design Suki Marketing
Guiller Web Design Suki Marketing

Experience the brand

Your brand is more than a logo. It’s the colours that represent you and the words that describe you.

With Guiller, we used deep blues to represent calm, trust & knowledge. We understand the panic and anxiety caused by breaking your device, and Guiller’s brand identity is clear in immediately attempting to alleviate those fears.

The brief

They also required an ecommerce section for dropshipping products. The simple to use iOS app allows their delivery team to be notified of orders immediately, to deliver an effective fulfilment service.

We also integrated Facebook Messenger, enabling people to carry on their support calls with Guiller even after they’ve left the website.

The improvements will create: 

  1. More attractive, professional branding for a growing company.
  2. Increased search rank on Google.
  3. Increased traffic through improved SEO search meta.
  4. Improved conversion rate through the introduction of clear CTA & hero banners.
Guiller Web Design Suki Marketing
Guiller Web Design Suki Marketing

Working with Suki Marketing was so easy. I’d normally avoid an agency for fear of being passed around, but the whole project was straight forward from start to finish, with a fantastic result.


Ross Guiller | Owner
Guiller Web Design Suki Marketing