Why choose Suki Marketing as your Portsmouth SEO agency.

When you take the step to get online, showing up in searches isn’t instant (sadly). As a Portsmouth SEO agency, we take great pride in helping your business get seen.

As a fully remote SEO agency, our team work across the UK to help business owners (just like you!) show up via content marketing, SEO and beautiful web design.

What makes us different as your Portsmouth SEO agency?

Let’s face it, we’re SEO geeks. After forming an SEO audit of your website, we inspect your site’s on-page and off-page SEO, helping us paint a bigger picture of your site so far. This comes together to create an unbeatable SEO strategy.

We’re big lovers of content. And when it comes to SEO, search engines love it. Value-driven content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – plus, it works towards placing you as an industry leader.

We combine technical SEO and content-led SEO to cook up the perfect recipe that’ll help your online presence grow.

Once we’ve discovered all of the potential improvements to be made to your website’s on-page SEO, we set to work creating an actionable list to improve your website’s performance.

A content-led approach to SEO

There’s a great SEO joke (we told you, we’re geeks…), “where’s the best place to hide a dead body? On the second page of Google.” And it’s true, 75% of people never scroll beyond the first page of search engines. We live in a time where we want information, and we want it fast. We don’t have time to search endlessly through pages and pages of information.

Since 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, it’s crucial that your content not only answers the prayers of your readers, but it’s also optimised for search engines. Formatting your content correctly can not only help your website’s visitors to digest the info much more easily, but it’ll also help you get found in searches too.

As your Portsmouth SEO agency, our SEO strategies are led by expertly created content. Carrying out accurate keyword and audience research is everything to us.

Building backlinks that give you authority

Not every backlink is a great backlink. Building backlinks helps your website gain authority and trust from your web visitors. Backlinks are a little like reviews, they’re social proof – in this case, if other valued websites are linking to you, you’re seen as a trustworthy source. Through a combination of technical SEO, content-led SEO and backlink building, our Portsmouth SEO experts help your brand show up consistently.

Think quality over quantity.

Will a good SEO strategy increase conversions?

Put simply, of course it can. Technical SEO works to improve the user experience of your website, giving a higher percentage of conversions after they experience a smooth journey throughout your website. Think about it. If you go and do a Google search now, if you land on a 404 page, you’re going to bounce off again, aren’t you? Of course you are.

Users don’t stick around, and if they have to go out of their way to find the right page after finding a 404, they’re more likely to look elsewhere. Typically, users expect a website to load within 3 seconds. Yep, we’re impatient! So if your site is loading slow, full of 404s or junked with badly formatted content, it’s not going anywhere.

Do I have to have an SEO strategy?

Although SEO is a long game, when you implement a content-led strategy, you may be surprised how quickly and effective the right content can be. By carrying out keyword research, an understanding of keyword volume and how your audience searches can make a huge impact on your site’s SEO. We create content around this research, so you have maximum opportunities to rank for a variety of key phrases and long-tail keywords.

Speak to our Portsmouth SEO experts today

Our SEO geeks are on hand to write carefully crafted SEO content that delivers value to your audience and helps your site show up online. We help review your current on-page and off-page SEO, perfecting your user journey through expert web design.

Get in touch with our team on 0330 229 2197 or email us at hello@sukimarketing.co.uk to find out how our Portsmouth SEO experts can help your business grow online.

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