Why content marketing matters for your brand.

The concept of ‘Content Marketing’ can seem daunting, with big brands having access to a huge internal digital team of designers, PR professionals and content managers, it seems a world away from a small business. Creating high-quality branding and content can definitely take time – this is always important to remember. However, the rewards you can take from it are endless. It is the best way to create your online ‘personality’, relay information about your product, and grow your fans and customer base alike. 

So, I hear you ask, what are the benefits you can get from high quality content?

For long-term lead generation, it is essential…

Long gone are the days of TV shopping, or seeing a billboard or ad and making that impulse buy. With access to an endless internet, customers will be seen to research and price match before they buy. According to recent studies, a staggering 81% of consumers research a  product before whipping out the credit card. That 81% will likely google your name, expecting some snazzy content to persuade them to start spending.

This does mean that, naturally, their search can lead them to some of your closest competitors. So, here is where the great content will come in useful to distance yourself from your rivals. 

Seeing two pages with similar information may seem like an even playing field, but add in some entertaining blogs of the newest trends, a few quick-witted Instagram posts, and maybe even some links to your stunning social media pages and you’re quickly in the lead. For a company to put its efforts into a high-quality website, they will be investing in strong branding and trustworthy information for their customers.

Content = Credibility 

It will take you less than 2 minutes to be able to find a webpage for a product or service, usually claiming to be an ‘expert’ with a one page document about what they do. These website features can definitely be a good starting point for you to develop on. 

Proving your industry expertise and showing that you’re not afraid to talk about it can make a staggering difference in your credibility. It’s always important for a customer to believe that they have chosen the investment wisely. Giving them the information to educate themselves into choosing yours is exactly how they can gain more insight into your values and skills.

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Don’t waste your money on Ads 

The best thing about content marketing is that it lasts forever. Yes, paid ads can get you the top spot for a few weeks and increase your website interactions…

However, if you’re looking for maintaining long-term leads, content is definitely the way to go. If someone comes across your website looking for information, give it to them. Offering them all the knowledge that they will need will deter them from visiting other sites and put trust in the material that you provide. This is also another great way to advertise your services and why they’re the best in the bizz! 

Plus, with high quality content ranking in Google searches, great content is more valuable to you than ever.

Quality content can get you noticed

How content marketing benefits your business

Yes! Information and entertainment can help you secure those leads, but working with an SEO professional can also bump you up the list. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that anyone can wave to get you hitting the number one spot just yet. These things do take time and patience.

Getting noticed isn’t about throwing as many keywords into a page as possible, if it was, everyone would be doing it. It’s about creating that high quality, valuable content, tailored specifically to your customers. 

So, when those leads do start to flood in and see a consistent amount of content, updates and blogs on your page, they will be sure to stay there.

Content is imperative for understanding your audience

If you could predict exactly what does and doesn’t work for your customers, you’d be a millionaire before you knew it. However, this is nearly impossible at first. If you take off the hefty price tag of ad campaigns, the risk is reduced significantly. Adding in the bonuses of your content being published on your own pages, quantifying the interest is much easier. 

With this in mind, testing out the best places to take your fans next will become second knowledge. It becomes easier to test the success of product ideas, services, branding messages and even general tone. You can see what works for you and your customers and, maybe more importantly, what does not.

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