Why work with a content marketing agency.

Whether you’ve just started your business, or feel as though you’ve hit a rut, working with a content marketing agency can help your brand get back on track. By now, you’ve probably heard of content marketing, you’ve possibly even heard that it’s the future of marketing and SEO.

The fact is, you’ve come across marketing content on the daily, whether you mean to or not. Every time you complete a Google search, content marketers and SEO nerds are rubbing their hands together as they work to show you their content first.

No matter what you do, every business can benefit from content marketing. It’s just the how, the what and the why that matters.

What is content marketing?

what is content marketing

If you’re wondering how content marketing works and what it involves, you’ve come to the right place. For the lowdown, check out our recent blog on how content marketing can transform your business. But of course, we’ll cover the basics here.

Content marketing is the process of creating content (obviously), often in the form of written blog content, video content and social media – which is often included under ‘content marketing’ and ‘social media marketing’.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is like a huge search engine, which is why content and SEO go hand in hand. Through cleverly researched content, the aim of the game is to deliver value-packed content to your audience.

Content marketing builds trust

When you continue to deliver high quality content to searchers, you’ll quickly become a go-to source of information. Whether you run a travel agency or a local garage, being able to answer crucial questions from your target audience helps to build trust. When you develop trust with your audience, they are already aware of your brand and more likely to buy. Aka, trust = conversion.

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Connect with your customers

The more value-driven content you deliver, the more you will naturally connect with your customers. Search engines aside, creating content that your audience wants to read is priceless, and makes for great newsletter content. This in turn will help you to continue building a relationship between your brand and your customers.

Content marketing for ecommerce

content marketing for ecommerce

You’d be surprised how many business owners believe they need a totally different marketing agency because they’re an ecommerce based brand. When it comes to the importance of content marketing, ecommerce businesses can benefit from content in so many ways.

We don’t believe in pushy sales tactics to sell your products, but instead, delivering content that carefully promotes your products without being super annoying.

When it comes to content marketing for ecommerce, try follow these steps:

  • Identify your target buyer persona
  • Learn how your audience typically consumes content
  • Research, research, research and create content
  • Publish content based on where it makes sense in the buyer’s journey
  • Measure results
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback!

So, why should you work with a content marketing agency?

Content marketing and SEO may be a long game, but they do require expertise, a certain approach, philosophy and overall business strategy. Content marketing isn’t a campaign – it’s a long term plan and requires clever execution. When you work inside your business all day every day, creating content that is focused on your customers (and not just what you love about your own business) can be tough! Having that outside approach is everything.

Sure, you could just go ask your neighbour what they think of your website, products and services, or get them to check out your blog… But there’s so much more to it than that.

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Technology is no longer a barrier for businesses of all sizes, and showing up online is more important than ever. We now have more insight than we could ever imagine into buying personas, how audiences consume content and what they want to see from those they trust. When you focus on attracting customers through means that aren’t interruptive, you position your content in a place they want to be.

No more bombarding your audience with ads in their living room. Content marketing allows your audience to tune in on their own terms, while giving you plenty of opportunities to repurpose your content for other mediums.

When you choose to work with a content marketing agency, you hire years of expertise and skill – plus, we’ve made all the mistakes ourselves way-back-when so you don’t have to.

But, what’s the benefit of content marketing?

Of course, we can tell you all about why you should work with us. We can also tell you how and why you should create high quality, optimised content. But, what does that content really do? What’s the benefit of content marketing?

Reach new audiences

Content marketing works to engage with your audience, whether they know about your mission or not. High quality content is relevant for a very long time, and works to attract and keep audiences engaged, before attracting even more.

Get people talking

The purpose of content marketing isn’t to constantly push sales and promotions in people’s faces. The aim of well-crafted content is to get your customers talking about your brand, raising brand awareness and influence behaviour.

Build trust

Trust is everything when it comes to conversions and sales. Think about it, why do you shop on Amazon? Is it the fact you know you can easily return an item if you need to? Or maybe because you trust how quickly they deliver? The quality? The customer service?

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All of this is crucial for building trust with your audience, and much of it comes from your copywriting, social media efforts and of course, content marketing.

Ready to make a difference with content marketing?

We help all kinds of businesses show up online through optimised content marketing. We love nothing more than getting to the root of your business during a virtual coffee, creating a tailored content strategy that matches your business and your goals.

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