About Us

Behind Suki Marketing

Our mission.

We believe in collaboration. As a network of creatives, we never stop questioning our strategies, audience trends and new ways to work with our Suki Family.

We work to solve problems for our clients as though we were facing them ourselves, offering friendly, approachable support that’s always there – like a good friend with a cup of coffee.

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Who we are.

Suki Marketing was founded on the Isle of Wight in 2020, bringing together a collective of creatives across web design, content marketing and SEO.

Our team are fully remote, working from different corners of the UK to perfectly tie together creative campaigns for our clients.

Everything we do has your valuesyour brand and your audience in mind.

Why choose Suki?

As a young and thriving team, we enjoy being open minded, allowing us to push boundaries, think outside the box and do things a little differently.

We don’t believe in pushy sales meetings, selling unnecessary packages, or tying you into marketing strategies longer than a mortgage loan.

We’re focused on collaborating, solving problems and discovering new creative techniques.

Suzie Suki Marketing

Suzie Kidger

Suzie is our Managing Director, she spends most of her time geeking out over SEO and drinking far too much coffee. She’s usually heard laughing a mile away and trying to convince anyone and everyone to buy a Rocket book.

Saloni Chamberlain

Creative to her very core, Saloni knows her way around content, copy and plenty in between. She’s a Suki Content Specialist who loves making and creating over at ACL, swapping cat photos with Suzie and drinking coffee.

Sophie Jarvis

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Dan Hackett

Quick-witted and super-creative, Dan is one of our Content Specialists. On weekends you’ll find him sitting in cafes, gulping down lattes and desperately trying to come up with an ending to the novel he’s working on.

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