How to save images from a Google Docs document.

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Ah, Google Docs. Millions of us use it daily, keeping files organised and sharing content between teams (and clients). Plus, with the ability to access your work from any device, working on the go has never been easier. The only issue is, when someone shares a Google Doc with you, saving right from the editor can be a total pain.

Google Docs is a free web-based application, allowing you to create documents and spreadsheets that are stored online. This makes collaborating between teams, or clients, an absolute doddle. Arguably, the most popular of web-based tools used by professionals, forgetting to save work is a thing of the past.

But, what happens when you open a document from another computer and need to save an image from the Google Doc itself? When an image has been inserted into a Google Doc, saving that image back out from another device is somewhat… Tricky. At first glance anyway.

Why use Google Docs?

Google Docs is great for a whole world of reasons. Firstly, it rids your computer of confusing folders and files, saving everything online with easy access. So when you switch from working in the office to working at home, access is no longer an issue. And if you want to get some feedback or help from a colleague, simply share the document and collaborate on your content together.

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How to save an image from Google Docs

When you look at an image inside your Google Doc, it should be pretty obvious how to save an image from Google Docs, right?

As you’ll see, there are options to replace the image, edit the alt text and crop it, but not export the image. But don’t worry, there are a couple of different ways to save an image from your Google Doc! Let’s get started.

Download the document and save the image

If you’re wondering how to save images from a Google Doc, this option is pretty straight-forward. All you need to do is access the document and follow the steps below:

  • Click file > Download As > Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Open the .docx file in Microsoft Word and right-click the image > ‘save as picture’
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These steps will save the image as a .jpg, in wherever you have selected as the save location. However, surely you’re using Google Docs as a replacement for Word, right? Not a problem, just do this instead…

Publish your document and save the image

Here’s another great way for saving an image from a Google Doc. All you need to do us publish your document, start by doing the following:

  • Click file > Publish to the web > Publish

After clicking publish, you’ll see a long link in the ‘link’ bar. Copy and paste this into a new browser tab. Once opened, you’ll be able to right-click the image and choose ‘save image as…’

Easy stuff, huh?

Saving images from Google Docs

If you need help with your Google Docs and saving images, we’re here to help. Our creative team is on-hand to answer any questions you may have. But while you’re here, take a peek at what else our blog has to offer, or why not check out our content marketing and web design services?

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