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Whether you run a physical store, an online business, or even both, when you serve a specific location, local SEO should be your top priority. Marketing Isle of Wight businesses is made easier with solid visibility online.

After all, when users search online, if they know where they need the service or product to be, they’re going to include it in their search. There would be no point looking for somewhere to MOT your car without specifying ‘near me’ or the actual location – Isle of Wight.

So, what can you do as an Isle of Wight business to boost your presence, increase sales and fight back against a heavily tourist-orientated destination?

Get your business online

As a business owner, you may think there’s no need to get online. But it isn’t all about selling via an online store, but being visible, too. While an MOT garage, for example, has a physical location, without the big bad internet, how would I find their contact details? Gone are the days of rummaging through the phonebook.

There is a number of ways to boost your Isle of Wight business, and like I said, it isn’t all about ‘selling’ products online.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a crucial tool for potential customers looking to contact you. Not only can you include your phone number, opening hours and services, but there’s plenty more information there to add, including:

  • Areas covered
  • Reviews
  • Website link (this can go to a Facebook page, if you don’t have a website just yet)
  • Photos
  • Branding
  • Updates

Here at Suki Marketing, we work local businesses to help them get set up online and boost their local SEO, for starters, we’ll help you get a Google Business profile set up, helping you to build authority online. Let’s face it, reviews matter. If you’re an unheard of business, how will buyers know to trust you? Yep, reviews, word of mouth, and visibility online through local SEO (search engine optimisation).

But wait, what’s search engine optimisation? More on that later…

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Web design that works

Having your own website builds the foundation of your business, even if you simply use it for information (rather than physical product selling). But, it’s just one piece in the digital marketing puzzle.

Web design shouldn’t be taken lightly, and although there is a multitude of DIY web design ‘builders’ out there, more often than not, these sites are not optimised well enough to show up when customers need you most. This is where search engine optimisation, load speeds and optimised copy comes into play.

We collaborate with our clients to build responsive websites that deliver. Our experienced team work in WordPress (which is a fabulous content management system), making it easier than ever to take over your new website and make important updates. Of course, if you need a helping hand with your new website, we can manage it for you, keeping it updated, loading quickly and up to date with relevant content.

So no matter what’s happening in your small business, we can do the heavy lifting of your new site.

Think about it for a moment. When you’re looking for information, a product, or an Isle of Wight service, where do you look? You may ask a friend, you may post in a Facebook group, or of course, look to Google. The results you see, are due to local SEO.

How to get started with your website:

  • Think about the purpose of your website – Are you selling products via an online store (e commerce)? Or simply providing information?
  • Responsive websites matter – Is your website mobile friendly? A huge amount of web visitors are browsing on their phones, and if your website doesn’t load fast or present itself correctly across all devices, you’re going to lose customers.
  • How will your website fit into your marketing efforts?
  • Is there anything your web designer needs to know about your business goals?

Here at Suki Marketing, your Isle of Wight web design agency, we take great pride in building responsive websites for our clients, that continue to perform. As standard, a web designer will run through how to use your new website, so you’ll never be left in the dark or find yourself frustrated unable to update information.

What CMS (content management system) will it use?

We’re big fans of WordPress. Not only does WordPress make your website super easy to use, but it’s also pretty flexible. Whether you’re running an eCommerce store or simply need optimised content to showcase your services, WordPress will excel.

If you’re looking to kickstart a new Isle of Wight web design project, get in touch with our team. Plus, if you need other marketing support, we’re always on hand to help, including:

  • Content marketing and content creation (such as filling your blog with optimised content)
  • Creative design (including print)
  • SEO
  • Copywriting

How can you get new customers?

Now, this is a bit of a tricky question, but it isn’t impossible to answer. This can greatly depend on the type of Isle of Wight business you have. Do your customers return to you time and time again? Or do they only need your services when something goes wrong? Needs improving? Or, like an MOT, is a legal requirement.

Through a combination of digital marketing strategies, you can drive traffic to your website. For starters, setting up a Google My Business will help you to show yourself as a ‘real’ business, especially as you gain positive reviews.

Nobody likes being unable to find contact information, do they? GMB is the perfect place (as well as your website) to include all this relevant info.

Get networking with other Isle of Wight business owners

Whether you offer graphic design, bake cupcakes or wash windows, there’s no better way to gain business than by meeting other business owners and gaining recommendations. Often, someone simply knowing that you’re communicative and friendly will gain you a referral, even if they haven’t used your services themselves.

There’s nothing worse than a business with poor communication skills. Customers these days seek quick replies and resolutions, all with friendly customer service.

Partner with another Isle of Wight business

As an Isle of Wight business owner, you’ll be well aware how much Isle of Wight customers love Isle of Wight brands. So, what better than to combine two together?

Let’s say you run an Isle of Wight cupcake brand, getting your cupcakes into a local coffee shop is a perfect way to get your name (and delicious treats) out there. Local Isle of Wight customers will get a feel for what you do, while tourists will also be likely to look you up! This is where having a website is crucial to being found. Let’s say a visitor to the Isle of Wight pops into X coffee shop, eats your treats (labelled as being yours) and heads home. Now, they’re thinking about how delicious they are, and want to look up either the coffee shop, or your brand. If they opt for the coffee shop, who doesn’t have a website, they may not find you!

If they search for you directly, they might find a Facebook page, but that doesn’t necessarily give them everything they want. This is where a website comes in.

Isle of Wight web design that delivers

Ready to get online? Speak to Isle of Wight web design experts that know how to build websites that work, convert and perform.

We’re on hand to help you every step of the web design process, from delivering design ideas, web hosting to showing you exactly how to use your website, so you’re in full control.

Looking for a little help? Let's chat.

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