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Let's kick butt with email marketing.

In a crowded inbox, your emails need to stand out and strike a chord with your audience. Our email marketing service is all about creating messages that click with your readers.

We go beyond generic blasts and craft emails that speak to the hearts and minds of your subscribers. From compelling storytelling to relevant offers, we know how to make your emails unforgettable.

Let’s work together to create email marketing campaigns that not only get opened but also leave a lasting impact, driving engagement and conversions like never before.

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Making email marketing personal.

In the world of email marketing, personalisation is the golden ticket to engagement and conversion. Here at Suki Marketing, we understand the power of connecting with your audience on a one-to-one level.

We’ll help you craft your brand voice, so you can speak directly to your customers on a human level.

From testing customised subject lines to dynamic content, we’re here to make your subscribers feel like you’re making it personal (in all the right ways).  Let’s transform your email marketing into a one-to-one conversation that drives results and builds lasting relationships.

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Email Marketing Services

Complete Strategy

From tone of voice to moving your customers along your funnel, we’ll create a complete email marketing strategy unique to your brand. Then, of course, we’ll help you implement it and start building your fanbase.

Automation Setup

Maybe you have a free download, a membership platform or eCommerce store… Setting up a complete automation flow makes it easier than ever to keep your customers in the know and working through your funnel.


Crucial to your message is the wording. We’ll create copy focused on telling your customer exactly what they want to hear at every stage of the funnel, harvesting the insight from your personas to nurture your leads.

Testing and Optimisation

Understanding the customer lifecycle is crucial to mapping out email communications. We’ll execute A/B testing to maximise your results and respond to the data we uncover.

"The team at Suki have over-delivered time and time again. They have built three fantastic websites for me, created lots of amazing branding, implemented some fantastic SEO strategies and gone beyond the call of duty many times, helping me with my endless questions. I honestly couldn't have found anyone better to work with and cannot recommend them enough."

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Why choose Suki?

We like to think we have the magic touch, but let our work (and words from our lovely clients) speak for us… 

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